The Corporate Travel is an exclusive luxury service by The Travel Club. It entails frequent business travelers to join The Travel Club Corporate Program for tailored travel packages, optimized to fit each traveler’s personal preferences.

We deliver corporate travelers with customized VIP services based on their own requirements. Generally, corporate travelers prefer to make reservations with a particular airline, hotel and car rental company. We thus create a Traveler Profile for each corporate client that includes all of his/her needs and preferences. This information enables our agents to consistently serve our clients appropriately, and ensure that their personal travel preferences are met on each trip.

Our corporate travel services include, but are not limited to:

  • Personalized traveling plans according to each traveler’s profile
  • Quick and efficient support
  • Optimized packages and special discounts
  • A private phone line that allows our client to reach either us or our overseas partners when needed

With The Travel Club Corporate Travel,

comfort and travel go hand in hand.